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Mission Statement

Manny M. Sandoval Jr., CFP® assists organizations, city, state, federal agencies, families, and individuals with stress reduction, decision making, finances, and real estate decisions. Each client receives a personalized plan depending on their specific needs. The firm believes in treating all human beings with integrity and sustaining a fiduciary relationship with all clients. Individuals have a plethora of decisions in their daily lives and the firm is aware that they are calling for assistance for one of many decisions. Keeping this in mind, maintaining a respectful and conscious awareness for each client is essential because each decision affects another decision. The firms aspiration for all clients are for them to operate at their optimal performance by recognizing types of stress, gaining additional emotional regulation, and becoming better decision makers. This is partially accomplished by examining the gestalt of the client and learning HeartMath's The Resilience Advantage™ an evidenced based program of self-regulation that preserves mental and emotional energy. These evidenced based strategies are being used by the US Navy, hospital systems, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. All services provided are based on years of personal experience and education. Mr. Sandoval is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer. Clients that have multiple employees are encouraged to ask about the Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment, an assessment tool that measures workplace quality, which directly affects health and job performance. This firm values the well-being of all individuals and aims to assist them in order that they function at their optimal performance in their respective environments.

​Manny M. Sandoval Jr., CFP®

HeartMath® Certified Trainer
M.A. Clinical Psychology
CA Bureau of Real Estate
Real Estate Broker #00700551