Purchasing a home will be one of the largest purchases for most consumers. The process of purchasing a home can be overwhelming at times, not only emotionally but with the new language that consumers must learn. Mr. Sandoval has extensive experience in financial planning and in the real estate industry, specifically mortgage banking. He no longer engages in making mortgage loans but engages in real estate. His knowledge has included working with new home developments, and federal state, and city bond programs for first time homebuyers. Whether purchasing a first or second home, or rental property consumers will receive unbiased advise to make them feel at ease. We understand the anxiety, including the social and financial decisions included in this process. The California Bureau of Real Estate has excellent information for consumers regarding real estate activities and education. This site is available in many languages. Go to the bottom of the Home page and select your language.


Reverse mortgages play a large role with todays senior population, especially with all the media coverage. The older adult is faced with many social and financial decisions. The impact is not merely financial, it is much more complicated. First of all, contact your legal counsel before any decisions are made. Over many years, I have counseled seniors regarding their finances and in the past made reverse mortgages. This is a serious decision. Questions arise! Do I take a reverse mortgage, life estate, or is a charitable gift annuity better? How will my heirs and estate be affected? Should we move into a retirement community or should we sell and downsize to a smaller home? What happens if we both become ill after a few months, how much money have we spent? These are just some of the questions. Click here for a brochure on reverse mortgages from the California Bureau of Real Estate. Please see our financial planning tab for additional financial information. The California Health Advocacy provides free counseling and unbiased information about Medicare and long term care. Investigate before you act to be assured you have made the right decision for your lifestyle and estate.

As a licensed Real Estate Broker # 00700551, Mr. Sandoval is able to work with other real estate brokers in assisting consumers with the sale of their home or home purchase. Specialties exist and working with other brokers is essential in providing you with the best professional service. Time will be taken to consult with each individual or family to meet your needs and goals before your search or listing of a property begins. Rest assured that each individual will be treated with respect, integrity, and honesty.